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Armand Albert Rateau, biography

Armand Albert Rateau, a French designer and architect started his career with the famous decorator, Georges Hoentschel.
A.A Rateau studied at the "Ecole Boulle" where he focused on design, wood carving and History of Art. He knew particularly well about the furniture of the past centuries.
Later, thanks to his international experiences, he became the artistic director of Alavoine & Compagnie, one of the most important companies of interior design at the time.
En 1919, he set up his own business in his mansion.
In 1920, the Blumenthals, a wealthy New York couple, asked him to conceive the interior design of their ballroom and their indoor pool of their Manhattan mansion. First bronze furniture dated.
From 1920 to 1925, his meeting with Jeanne Lanvin led to a collaboration of a rare creativity.
At the end of the 1920's, Rateau worked for the Blumenthals again, this time in their
provincial manor house in Malbosc, near the city of Grasse. The refinement of his project was remarkable. It consisted in an exuberance of the aquatic and land fauna and flora.
In 1929, his workshops in Neuilly-Levallois employed two hundred and twelve craftsmen.
On February 5, 1938, Rateau suffered from a cerebral haemorrhage, he died February 20.

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