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Willy Huybrechts Art Deco gallery - Decoratives Arts of the twentieth century

Since its establishment in the “Saint-Germain” area, the gallery has been presenting the works of great masters of Art Deco, whose influence dominated the entire period between the two wars, such as: Georges Bastard, Ernest Boiceau, Pierre Chareau, Marcel Coard, Maurice Daurat, Dominique, Jean Dunand, Marc Du Plantier, Paul Dupré-Lafon, Jean-Michel Frank, Eileen Gray, Jean Goulden, André Groult, Elizabet Eyre de Lanux, Pierre Legrain, Clément Mere, Eugène Printz, Albert-Armand Rateau, Clement Rousseau, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann.

Art Deco Gallery

Willy HUYBRECHTS started by opening a booth specialised in Decorative Art of the 20th century, at the flea Market, “Marché des Rosier” in Saint-Ouen-Paris, in 1986. Then, in 1992, he inaugurated his first gallery at the “Louvre des Antiquaires” in Paris before moving to the 10 Rue Bonaparte in Saint Germain in 1999.

In 2000, he joined the National Union of Antiques Dealers (SNA) then in 2007, he became

an expert in furniture and objects of art of the twentieth century approved by the French Union of Professional Experts in Art and Collectibles (SFEP).

At the beginning of year 2004, Willy Huybrechts has settled into his new gallery at the 11 rue Bonaparte.

Over the past ten years, the gallery Willy Huybrechts has organised thematic and monographic exhibitions. The first one paid tribute to the artist Jean-Michel Frank and his creations with pure and bare lines (in 2000).

The following two exhibitions focused on Eugène PRINTZ. They were entirely devoted to the original ideas he developed, using precious woods such as palm wood and decorative refinements (in 2001 and 2007).

Willy Huybrechts also put on the first retrospectives of Marc Du PLANTIER (2005), DOMINIQUE (Biennale des Antiquaires at the Grand Palais, Paris in 2008) and Maurice DAURAT (2009), following the releases of the works entitled "La Maison DOMINIQUE", in collaboration with Mr. Felix MARCHILAC, published by "Editions de l'Amateur" and “Maurice DAURAT”, in collaboration with Catherine BAUMGARTNER, published by editions NORMA.

Through those events and those publications, Willy Huybrechts restored to favour Dominique and Maurice Daurat that had been forgotten.

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